Last weekend saw the British Youth Championships in Sheffield. This event is always one of the highlights in the calendar, and draws young fencers from all corners of the British Isles.

As Head Coach, I opted to be there for the three days, drawing on help from Pawel, Liam, Ben, Chris Green and my husband, Xerxes who, after many years being there for me at the end of the piste, can coach it up like the best of them.

We were lucky in having fifteen super kids to take care of. You will have seen elsewhere on the website and on our social media that we took one Gold, one Silver, two Bronzes as well as two Last 8 finishes and Raffi, Will, Seb, Tiger, Danny and Jasmine should be congratulated. Yet for me I am so happy and content with the entire performance. Every FCL fencer went to piste and gave a ‘good fence’. There was no awkwardness, scrappy sword-waving or untidy tactics … just lovely, spot-on, right moves.

So it’s very heartening indeed to see that FCL’s coaching strategies are paying off. Kishan, Luca, Ruby, Phoebe, Alice, Lucy H, Zoe, Lily and James D are going from strength to strength, and I fully expect to see them back next year with even more of our club members, doing very well.

But for now, as always, I am back to work, doing the myriad of tasks that make a dynamic and successful club that will continue to give our young fencers the elite input they need to be able to achieve consistency and reach their potential.

Photos from the weekend are available here.


Boys Under 12
James Dolan19
Girls Under 12
Ruby Roberts18
Boys Under 14
Rafael Rhys Pollitt1
Tiger Campbell Yates3
Girls Under 14
Phoebe Dolan10
Alice Knowles15
Lucy Herrick24
Boys Under 16
Luca Valetti20
 Kishan Sisodiya24
Girls Under 16
Jasmine Porter8
Lily Bird30
Zoe Herrick33
Boys Under 18
William Price2
Sebastian Pallier3
Danny Martin7