Dear FCL Member

The time has come around for the Annual General Meeting, AGM of Fencers Club London. We apologise for the timing but we have to hold this meeting during the summer as the club accounts for the year could not be completed and then reviewed by a third party until the end of the third term in July. The meeting will be held on at 19:30 on 24th August 2016 at the Royal Masonic School; this is a Wednesday night and you will be able to fence as a guest member of Watford Fencing Club after the meeting, or possibly during the meeting if you nominate one of your parents to attend on your behalf.

Please find a formal notice of the AGM, a form for nominating officers of the club as well as a proxy form if you would like to vote but cannot be there, and a copy of the club constitution which has been amended to reflect the fact that we will be providing sabre tuition on a Monday evening and in the opinion of the committee, to more accurately reflect the ethos of the club regarding participation.

All members of FCL are entitled to vote at the AGM and can be represented by a parent or guardian who can vote on their behalf. We would love to see as many of you as possible at this meeting as we will need a quorum, (a quarter of the members eligible must vote), but understand that holiday and other commitments may prevent you from attending. If you are not able to attend then we would ask that you complete, sign and either email (to club@fencersclublondon.com) or post the proxy form (link above) instructing Dominique as FCL Head Coach to vote on your behalf.

Proxy votes will count towards the quorum.

Any motion you wish to propose should be submitted via this form.

Our sincere thanks to everyone for all your support in FCL’s past year. We are looking forward to a great future for the club.