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Liam Harrington

Our Chairman, Liam Harrington is a Maitre d’Armes of the British Academy of Fencing (BAF) and has Diploma coaching qualifications in Epee, Foil & Sabre. He is also the current acting President of the British Academy of Fencing.

Liam began fencing in 1990, competing successfully in all three weapons at county, regional and national level. In 2010 he achieved a bronze medal in the Master-at-Arms category at the Fencing Masters’ World Championships in Flawil Switzerland.

As well as dedicating his spare time to training fencers, Liam is a regular coach educator and examiner for the British Academy of Fencing, and so plays an important part in training the next generation of Fencing Coaches.

Email: liam@fencersclublondon.com


Philip Stowell

Philip Stowell has been created by robots to be the perfect fencing club treasurer, An Olympian himself, he disguised his clear talent on the piste by being a top-notch figure skater. Ice, ice baby. He subsequently transferred to so-called ‘normal’ employment and moonlighted as a ‘fencing dad’ to Dom for more years than he cares to remember, and is now a uniquely-termed ‘performance fencing coach dad’, which is a new one on him as well as on the rest of us. If you have any queries about any aspect of the club’s finances, then you can email Philip at: finance@fencersclublondon.com

Head Coach

Head Coach

Dominique Szokolovics

Dominique Szokolovics is our head coach and represents all coaching staff on the committee.

Email: dom@fencersclublondon.com

Welfare Officer

Isidora Valetti

Isidora Valetti is a Serbian South African married to an Italian South African who lived in Paris. Try and beat that, Kissinger. Isi is therefore well-versed in complex international inter-dynamics and, to boot, is a trained and practising psychotherapist. We have put this genius of the understandings of the mind in charge of looking after our young fencers and their well-being, which is – of course – at the heart of what we do.

So if anything is wrong or even slightly not working to its optimum and affecting you or anyone else, then please email: welfare@fencersclublondon.com

Club Secretary

Sian Hughes

Text to follow.

Please email: club@fencersclublondon.com

Membership Secretary

Liz Dolan

Text to follow

Please email: membership@fencersclublondon.com

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Other Committee Members

As well as the above committee members we have a number of members who ensure the smooth running of the club.

Fencers Liaison and Fencers Representative

Claire Johnson

Unable really to classify any club staff as ‘yummy mummy’, we are resigned to Claire being our designated Fencers’ Liaison Personithingymajig. Indeed, she is very good at it. She has been on a ‘Fencers Production Programme’ which was 100% successful, and she now has four children who are clinically-proven to get on piste and fight for their life on the promise of a jam sandwich. Claire can help with … erm … lots of things. And if she can’t help, she will smile at you and make you feel better.

Logistics Officer

James Joy

James is our Logistics Officer, pretty broad title as he takes on various tasks for the club.

He is the father of one of our senior fencers, who was always breaking things, hence he decided to do an Armourers course, so acts as the clubs armourer. He also has many years (too many according to him) working in IT and looks after our website and other IT needs.James also manages our tournaments.

He is also experienced in Cadet, Junior and Senior competitions and more than happy to answer questions as well as give advice and show fencers and parents how they can fix their own kit.

Email James at: james@fencersclublondon.com