Fencers Club London

Code of Conduct

1. Scope

This code covers all members of Fencers Club London (FCL), and where applicable, their parents and guardians. All parties are required to read and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Members of FCL and their parents or guardians are also subject to the codes of conduct relating to members of British Fencing which can be read or downloaded from the British Fencing website using the following link:



2. General Statement of Expectation of Members’ Behaviour

We expect high standards of application, dedication, as well as friendly and thoughtful behaviour towards others.

All members and their parents or guardians are required to respect the rights of every person, regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation cultural background or political affiliation.

At all times, Fencers Club London expects its members, parents and guardians to act considerately and reasonably, and conduct themselves as trusted ambassadors for the club.

3. Specific Breaches relating to Behaviour towards others

i. Disrespect shown to any other fencer, parent, guardian, carer, coach, visitor, referee, competition organiser or any individual or group whether within or without the club. Such disrespect includes, but is not limited to, verbal and physical behaviour

ii. Any racist, intolerant or bullying behaviour whether physical, psychological or verbal.

iii. Any attempt including, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical gestures that will in anyway endanger the safety of any fencer, coach, parent, guardian or bring any person or persons into personal or physical conflict.

iv. The use of any drugs, alcohol or mood-altering or performance-enhancing substances whether on or off the premises of Fencers Club London and its training venues, in competition, or anywhere whatsoever.

v. Any reckless, thoughtless or negative posting or presence on social media, mobile applications or the internet which would in any way, and to any degree besmirch the reputation or adversely affect the well-being of any other individual including, but not limited to, FCL, any fencing club, fencing professional or FCL fencer and thus could in any way – as determined by the FCL Head Coach – bring any party associated with FCL or otherwise into any kind of disrepute.

4. Specific Breaches relating to Fencing

i. A lack of attention and care to maintaining personal property, and the property of others including those of the club or any venue at which fencing activities take place, in good order and without damage. This includes but is not limited to weapons and all fencing kit and equipment.

ii. Accessing or using any fencer’s kit, equipment or personal effects without the express consent of the party concerned.

iii. Undertaking any fencing training at club sessions, and camps whether in the UK or abroad other than designated FCL training sessions, FCL activity within schools and private one-to-one lessons with FCL coaches, without seeking and being granted the permission of the Head Coach.

iv. Receiving any fencing tuition including but not limited to one-to-one lessons at sessions and camps whether in the UK or abroad, from non FCL coaches without seeking and being granted the permission of the Head Coach.

v. Arriving late at FCL sessions. This disrupts the smooth and efficient running of the session and is unfair on those members who make the effort to be on time.

vi. Leaving FCL sessions before the end.

vii. Refusing to fence another member when requested.

viii. A lack of application and effort during one-to-one or group lessons.

ix. A lack of application and effort during sparring periods. Fencers should be either fencing, presiding or queuing to fence at all times. Sitting down and leaving the fencing salle should be avoided.

x. Using mobile phones during training sessions.

xi. Failing to be supportive of other FCL fencers during competitive events.

Any transgression or breach of this code will lead to disciplinary procedures and may result in the expulsion of the member from FCL without return of any fees paid.

The Partnership

The Fencer’s Commitment :

• I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the FCL Code of Conduct.

The Family’s Commitment agreeing to:

• maintain the spirit of this partnership
• support FCL in upholding its ethos and policies
• read and abide by the FCL Code of Conduct