Our Coaches


Dominique Szokolovics – Head Coach
Pawel Osmanski – Lead Coach and Head of Strength & Conditioning
Justyna Osmańska – Strength & Conditioning and Development Coach
Ben Peggs – Professional Athlete


Dominique Szokolovics


Head Coach
Former Cadet, Junior and Senior National Champion

Pawel Osmanski


Lead Coach and Head of Strength & Conditioning
8 times National Polish Champion and former Junior World and European Champion

Ben Peggs


Team GB. British National Silver Medallist 2016, Gold Medallist at the European Games (Team) 2015 and Commonwealth Games 2014.

Fencers Club London strives to be a centre of excellence for young fencers. Our ethos is reflected in the commitment of our coaching team who consider it a privilege to inspire those who aspire to be the best they can possibly be.

All our coaches have competed or are still competing at the top level nationally and internationally. Their experience and knowledge is proving invaluable in all aspects of fencing, on and off the piste. Working as a team, they look at the whole fencer, and do everything they can to help our fencers develop.

Our Coaches
Dominique Szokolovics - Head Coach
Dominique started fencing at the age of 8. By 13, she had fenced her first of five World Championships, and by 14 she had won the Cadet, Junior and Senior Women’s Championship Titles – a still unequalled feat in the sport.

Dominique also fenced at five European and five Commonwealth Championships and became the top-ranked woman foilist in the UK before retiring through injury. However, a recent return to competitive fencing saw her climb quickly through the ranks to be the GB Women’s Number 2 and the National Women’s Foil Champion again in 2014 – some 6 years after her last triumph, thereby completing her fourth victory at this level.

Dominique is now a full-time qualified coach, dedicated both to developing accomplished young fencers and to maximising their potential as well as their enjoyment of the sport.

Ben Peggs - Competition Coach
Pawel is our performance coach and it is easy to see why.

During his fencing career to date spanning some 18 years, Pawel has been ranked 7th in the world, is eight times Polish National Champion plus a Junior World Cup and Junior European Champion.

He is a published author and practitioner in fencing-specific sports injuries, and an expert in Functional Movement Screening, as well as being a qualified and experienced personal trainer. He has numerous and impressive qualifications, namely both a Bachelor and Master degree in Physical Education with a Major in Fencing from the University of Gdansk.

Pawel’s portfolio at Fencers Club London is to lead performance coaching – taking our young athletes to, and sustaining them at, an elite level.

Liam Harrington

Justyna had been a member of the Polish National Team for 12 years and she represented Poland at World and European Championships. Justyna has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a Major in Personal Training. Her Master’s thesis was to examine the effects of a 6-week plyometric and locomotion speed training for a group of fencers. Justyna is qualified Fencing Coach and uses her experience and knowledge to help all fencers find their own potential, develop themselves as athletes and get as much joy from fencing as it’s possible.

Ben Peggs - Competition Coach
Ben is one of the country’s leading fencers. His most recent accomplishment was a silver medal at the British National Championships in April 2016, as well as coming home with a gold medal from the Men’s Foil Team Event at the European Games in Baku in June 2015. In 2014, Ben captained the England Men’s Foil Team again to a top podium position in the Men’s Team Foil at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. 2015 also saw Ben win bronze in the Beazley British Championships.

Equally, Ben is a qualified coach and one of the highest-ranked men’s fencers to coach on a regular basis. He values the importance of giving back to a sport that he loves.

Expert in fencing-specific strength & conditioning, he also works with all Fencers Club London’s young fencers to develop and hone their competitive fencing skills, attitude and technique.

Liam Harrington
Our Master Coach, Liam Harrington is a Maitre d’Armes of the British Academy of Fencing (BAF) and has Diploma coaching qualifications in Epee, Foil & Sabre.

Liam began fencing in 1990, competing successfully in all three weapons at county, regional and national level. In 2010 he achieved a bronze medal in the Master-at-Arms category at the Fencing Masters’ World Championships in Flawil Switzerland.

As well as dedicating his spare time to training fencers, Liam is a regular coach educator and examiner for the British Academy of Fencing, and so plays an important part in training the next generation of Fencing Coaches.