Dominique Szokolovics


Head Coach
Former Cadet, Junior and Senior National Women’s Foil Champion

Dominique Szokolovics


Head Coach
Former Cadet, Junior and Senior National Women’s Foil Champion

Dominique Szokolovics

Head Coach

Dominique started fencing at the age of 8. By 13, she had fenced her first of five World Championships, and by 14 she simultaneously held the Cadet, Junior and Senior Women’s Championship Titles – a still unequalled feat in the sport.

She has also fenced at European and Commonwealth Championships and became the top-ranked woman foilist in the UK before retiring through injury. A return to competitive fencing saw her climb quickly through the ranks to be the GB Women’s Number 2 and the National Women’s Foil Champion again in 2014 – some 6 years after her last triumph.

Since retiring, Dom has become a full-time fencing coach. Using her knowledge and experience as a young competitive fencer she has been pivotal in launching and developing Fencers Club London to fulfill an ideal of how she had always wanted a club to be. Thus she is dedicated both to educating and nurturing our fencers so as to maximise their potential as well as their enjoyment of the sport.

Dom is the Head Coach at Fencers Club London and responsible for the ongoing aims and vision of the club. She is a very popular and magnetic personality, and all the fencers enjoy the benefit of her expertise.

Dominique says “Coaching the novice is, for me, as exciting as coaching the elite athlete. The common thread is teaching the art of fencing, and that is the most exciting thing in itself.


What our fencers say

“Dom is the best coach. She knows exactly what I need to succeed in the sport.”

“Dom puts a focus on me as an individual and what I want from my fencing. She always helps me achieve my best.”

What our parents say

“Makes an amazing difference. Her knowledge and experience is current and fresh as she has’been there, done that and got the t-shirt!”

“Great to have on hand at competitions. A sea of calm in a turbulent poule”

“Always interested in what is going on. Frequently messages us to check on progress”

“If it is all going pear-shaped during a tournament just pick up the phone and call her. She will do her best to help out no matter where she is.”

Fencing Achievements

Highest GB Ranking = 1


To Follow

Coaching Achivements

Since opening the club in April 2015, Dom has helped her fencers win national titles and medals at the British Youth Championships, England Youth Championships as well as within the LPJS and GB Youth Series, and county and regional tournaments. The 2015/2016 season saw her fencers attain Team England and Team GB selection at Under 15, as well as at Cadet and Junior level. In October 2015, Dom provided piste-side support and coaching for Sebastian Pallier to take the gold medal at the International Manchester Cadet competition which laid the way to his selection for Team GB at both the Cadet European and World Championships 2016.

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