Ben Peggs


Competition Coach
Team GB. British National Silver Medallist 2016, Gold Medallist at the European Games (Team) 2015 and Commonwealth Games 2014.

Ben Peggs


Ben Peggs

Competition Coach

Ben Peggs

Competition Coach

Ben is one of the country’s leading fencers. His most recent accomplishment was the silver medal at the British National Championships in April 2016, after taking a gold medal in the Men’s Foil Team Event at the European Games in Baku in June 2015.

In 2014, Ben captained the England Men’s Foil Team to a top podium position in the Men’s Team Foil at the Commonwealth Games in Largs Scotland.

Equally, Ben is a qualified coach and one of the highest-ranked men’s fencers to coach on a regular basis. He values the importance of giving back to a sport that he loves. Expert in fencing-specific strength & conditioning, he also works with all Fencers Club London’s young fencers to develop and hone their competitive fencing skills, attitude and technique.

Ben says “In my coaching, I am passing on every technique I have learned in the salle, every tactic I have tried on the piste and every great feeling that I have experienced in competition. To see the young fencer taking all those lessons on board is a terrific reward.


What our fencers say

“Ben is incredibly supportive during training and competing.”

“Ben’s fencing on the world stage is an inspiration to me and always makes me want to do my best.”


What our parents say

“Ben is an awesome coach – so inspiring for my children to be taught by him.”

“Ben is very good at understanding what is gong on with your children at any one time, and giving them all the advice they need.”

“Ben is the most enthusiastic and pleasant coach. He makes training such fun to watch.”

Fencing Achievements

Silver Medal – Senior British National Championships 2016

Gold Medal – European Games (Team) Baku 2015

Bronze Medal x 2 – Senior British National Championships 2014/2015

Gold Medal – Senior Commonwealth Games (Team) 2014

Silver Medal – Senior Commonwealth Games (Team) 2010

Gold Medal – Junior Commonwealth Championships (Individual and Team) 2009

Coaching Achivements

Ben is tirelessly working at his own competitive fencing so that he can bring the experience of international competition to the Fencers Club London Salle.

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